Blades in the Dark

The Blades in the Dark game has a simple dice rule to determine the success of an action. You roll a bunch of regular d6, then look at the highest number you got.

So the only case in which more than one die matters is when you got at least one 6.

How many dice you roll depends on skill, assistance, whether you make a Devil's Bargain, and other things. It is possible to end up with a total of zero dice. If you still want to roll, then you roll 2d6 and keep only the lowest value.

You can use the below AnyDice program to determine the probability of each outcome. An output of 0 represents bad times, 1 a messy success, 2 a clean success, and 3 a critical success.

function: blades ROLL:s {
 if 1@ROLL = 6 {
  result: 2 + (2@ROLL = 6)
 result: 1@ROLL >= 4

output [blades 2@2d6] named "0d"
loop P over {1..7} {
 output [blades Pd6] named "[P]d"
From zero to seven dice, transposed view.

If you manage to roll more than seven dice, then a critical success becomes more likely than a clean success.